Transcervical Resection of The Endometrium

Transcervical resection of the endometrium or TCRE, like hysteroscopic endometrial ablation was the treatment of choice for menorrhagia before the advent of newer endometrial ablation techniques.  TCRE is operative hysteroscopy using a hysteroscope with a heated wire loop, called a resectoscope, to remove the endometrium.

Compared tohysterectomy, TCRE has the advantages of a shorter recovery time, less pain, reduced risk of infection and lower expense.  Compared to endometrial ablation procedures, TCRE has some slight disadvantages.  While both types of procedures achieve comparable patient satisfaction, TCRE has a higher risk of complications, in particular, uterine perforation.  In general, endometrial ablation is now considered to be comparable or superior to TCRE.


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